Black '47 (2018)

IMDB Rating 6.8

Set in 1847 during the potato famine when the potatoes all turned black, a young Connaught Ranger who has been fighting overseas for England returns home to the West of Irealnd.

The movie opens with Hannah, an investigator for the Royal Irish Constabulary interviewing and then killing a young Irish prisoner.

The Ranger, Martin Feeney  finds his mother has died of starvation and his brother has been hanged, having stabbed a bailiff during his family's eviction. Local agents then come and try to throw his brother's widow and her children out of their house. Michael resists and is arrested.

Michael then kills his captors and burns down their building. Returning to the house, he finds his sister-in-law an children have died from exposure in the now roofless house.

Hannah is then recruited to go capture the young man, who had once saved his life,  who had once served under him in Afghanistan and India.

When push comes to shove, Hannah turns his back on the crown and helps Feeney. 

Great movie with large parts of it in Gaelic with subtitles.