Girl with Green Eyes (1964)

IMDB Rating 6.9

A movie made in England about a Dublin girl, Kate Brady, who is just out of school. She works in a grocery store and hangs around with her friend Baba (Lynn Redgrave). The girls go dancing and date some young men.

Kate and Baba meet Eugene Gaillard (Peter Finch), a  middle-aged author.  When she meets him again in a Dublin bookstore a friendship and then a romance starts up.

Eugene and Kate become infatuated with each other, and all kinds of things stand in their way. Eugene is married, but he is separated. Kate's family finds out and are appalled. The more time they spend together the more it becomes apparent they have little in common.

The relationship develops and then ends, when Eugene receives a letter from his wife asking him to visit her and their daughter.

Kate is distraught and it seems like the world is ending, but she recovers quickly and moves on with her life.

The acting was very good in this bittersweet movie. The acting was really good.