Adam & Paul (2004)

IMDB Rating 7.1

Adam and Paul are two Dublin drug addicts looking to make a score. The movie open with them waking up outdie, and discovering someone has glued Adam to the matress.

The movie has to walk a fine line. Th characters may be funny, but drug addiction certainly is nothing to be laughed at.

As they walk around the old neighborhood and see their former friends, look at them with sympathy and disgust. Adam and Paul are nice guys, and are always saying "Sorry" o everyone. They look out for each other and take care of each other.

They are sick from withdrawal, and Paul tries to break a window of a car stopped at a light to steal a woman's purse. But he can't break the window. It's humorous and sad as he retreats from the car holding his hurting hand.

Paul tells a waitress, "We’re havin’ loads of weather at the moment, aren’t we." Then Adam tries to steal a purse. The music playing in the background has a comic element to it, as the boys' continue to fail in their criminal escapades.  A clerk follows Paul around the store as he tries to shoplift, and then throws him out.

The boys find two bags of heroin, thrown out of  drug dealer's house who was being raided by vigilantes and are soon high and happy. The next day Pau wakes up and looks out on the beautiful Bay, and then discovers that Adam has died. Paul is upset and begins to walk away, but heads back for the heroin in Adam's pockets.

Adam, who is lying behind him, has overdosed and is dead. Paul, visibly distraught and conflicted, resigns to taking the two bags of heroin from Adam's pockets and leaving.

The director, Lenny Abrahamson, does a great job in adding the comic tone to the film, because it would be too depressing to watch without it.  I don't think the h movie loses any of it's effectiveness in showing the horrors of drug addiction by adding the comedic tone.

The movie doesn't leave you with a sense of being entertained. It leaves you sad and drained, which I think was the director's intent.