Intermission (2003)

Imdb Ranking 6.7

Set in Dublin, the movie opens with a young man named Lehiff (Colin Farrell) flirting with a working girl, and then he punches her in the face and robs the cash register. He then runs off and is chased by the police while upbeat music plays in the background. Then grocery clerk John (Cillian Murphy) gets on the bus and talks to his grumpy bus driver friend, Mick, and then has lunch with his friend Oscar (David Wilmot). John has just broken up with his girlfriend Deidre, who has quickly moved on to some older fellow.

A policeman Jerry Lynch (Colm Meaney), grabs Lehiff when he comes in to a bar and tells him he better stay out of trouble. Sam, a middle aged banker has taken up with Deirdre, and Sam's wife Noeleen is devastated. Deidre's sister Sally doesn't have a good word to say to anyone, and seems to be growing a mustache. When Deidre comes over to the house with Sam, Helen is as mean as she can be. It seems Helen had a really bad experience with a man.

Jerry is an angry man, and when his car gets stolen during a drug bust his mood gets even worse. John and Oscar head to a new bar, that has mostly older people. Oscar, who hasn't had much luck with girls, hooks up with Noeleen.

Leef gets John interested in his plan involving the kidnapping of Deidre, and having Sam going to the bank for the ransom money. When John tells Oscar he doesn't want to get involved. John then hits his manager in the head with a can of peas. Jerry begs Ben, who once showed some interest, to do a movie about him.

Jerry travels the streets with Ben following him with a camera. Meanwhile, the plot goes on with Mick joining Lehiff and John. They don masks and Leff stays with Deidre, whole John and Mick bring Sam to the bank. When Sam comes out of the bank wit the money, an angry Noeleen starts beating him up and the police come. Mick and John take off. When John gets back to Deidre's he gets in a fight with Leef, and leef shoots him.

Then Jerry, camera rolling, starts chasing Leef who is driving Jerry's car, which he stole. They get in to fist fight, but Leef pulls a gun. Before he can shoot Jerry, Ben shoots Leef.

Bizarre, vulgar, dark humor that is laugh out loud funny at times. Reminiscent of the style of Robert Altman in the way the different story lines all begin to converge as the movie goes on. good writing and good acting. Really well done.

The Irish Film and Television Academy Awards (2005)


John Crowley


David Wilmott