Once (2006)

Imdb Ranking 7.9

Once upon a time there was a Guy who was a Dublin street performer who played the guitar and sang songs that he wrote. He fixes vacuum cleaners at his Dad's shop during the day, but at night he sings and he is good. One night he has a crowd of one and she gives him a ten cent tip, and they begin talking. She is a Czech immigrant and she talks a lot, and she has a broken vacuum cleaner. The next day she brings it and she is persistent. She wants it fixed.

The Girl (we never learn her name), plays the piano, but she can't afford one her in Ireland. The manager of a piano shop lets her play for an hour a day. She plays classical music for him and she is really good. He puts up his music and they begin playing one of his songs together. This was really a beautiful and very romantic scene.

The Girl asks about the girl that Guy writes his songs for, but he has trouble talking about her. He sings some silly little songs. She cheated on him, she's gone, he misses her. The Girl sells flowers during the day and cleans houses. At night she goes home to her little girl, Ivonka, and her mother. The Girl is separated from her husband who is back in Czechoslovakia. The Girl listens to his music, which he has on disc, and helps him write some lyrics.

Guy writes songs as he looks at videos of his old girlfriend. She is the muse for his heart broken soulful songs. Guy tells the Girl that he is going to London, where his girlfriend has gone. Before he goes they get a loan, rent a studio and record a couple of songs together. They get a couple of musicians to join in, and they start off sounding kind of rough, but then they start getting it together and they catch the sound engineer's ear. He now can hear how good they really are. By the time they take the car test, playing the songs on a car system, they can all hear how good it is.

The Girl's husband is coming over to Dublin, they are going to try to make it work. Guy heads over to England to meet up with his ex, but before he goes he buys and has a piano delivered to her apartment.

A simple stoyr, that is really dependent on the music. Singer/somgwriter Glen Hansard plays his own music and he carries the movie along with the graet charisma of the Girl. A really good movie.