My Left Foot (1989)

Imdb Ranking 7.8

The movie starts out with Christy Brown being wheeled in to an event and then throgh flashbacks we see the story of his life in Dublin. When his father gets to the hospital the nurse tells him that something is wrong, and then we flash forward and see Christy, suffering from cerebral palsy and can only control his left foot, being carried around the house by his mother. When he hears his mother fall he tries to make his way down the stairs so he can go for help.

He hears someone doing homework and trying to figure out a quarter of a quarter. He picks up the chalk with his left foot and writes 1/16 on the slate. Later on he is able to write MOTHER on the floor with chalk, and his father brings him to the pub and announces him as a genius.

Flash forward and Christy is now seventeen and Daniel Day-Lewis is now portraying him. Christy plays soccer with the boys, playing goalie and he also takes a penaly kick. When Christy's dad gets laid off, they can't afford Christy's wheelchair. He got laid off because " A brick hit the foreman in the head accidentally on purpose."

Christy starts makes a card for a girl he likes, drawn with his left foot but she gives it back. Christy starts staying up later at night to do his painting. Christy comes with a plan to steal coal from a truck and it works.

Christy's mom has saved over 20 pounds towards Christy's wheelchair, while the family sits in the cold and eats porridge. Christy's sister gets pregnant and has to get married. Christy gets really angry when his father yells at her.

Christy's paintings start to get better and better. Dr. Eileen Cole who specializes in cerebral palsy starts working with Christy, and in particular works with his speech. At an exhibition of his work there are painting of his family and also of Dr. Cole.

Christy falls for Dr. Cole, but she is marrying someone else. When Christy finds out he drinks too much and makes a spectacle of himself.

Flash forward to the present and Christy has met another girl that he likes, Mary. who in the movie plays a nurse (in real life things were not so idyllic). But at the reception they read from his book and Mary, who was supposed to leave to go on a date, stays.

In the last scene he has a bottle of champagne with Mary and it says on the screen "Christy Brown married Mary Carr on the 5th of October, 1972."

The movie was based on a true story of the poet, author and painter Christy Brown and it won the Academy Award for Best Actor (Daniel Day-Lewis) and Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Brenda Fricker). It was also nominated for Best Director, Best Picture and Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium.