The Matchmaker (1997)

Imdb Ranking 6.1

Marcy (Janeane Garofalo) is an assistant to Senator John McGlory who is having trouble with his latest campaign. He decides to send Marcy to Ireland to gather up some history on his ancestors so he can get some of the Irish votes in Boston.

She arrives in the small village of Ballingara just in time for the annual Matchmaking Festival. When she arrives in her room at the Kelly Hotel there is a man named Sean Kelly, a local bartender, in her bathtub.

A local professional matchmaker says that he will hook up Marcy up and will give her a widow's rate but she is not interested. Marcy travels all over trying to find information about Senator McGlory's ancestors from three generations ago.

Sean's brother Declan owns the hotel with his wife Sarah (Maria Doyle Kennedy). It seems Sean used to be a writer but now he just bartends at the hotel. Marcy is seranaded by a some men in a pub, with the winner getting a kiss, and Sean stands up and takes a chance too. It seems he has fallen for Marcy and Marcy has fallen for him too.

When they head back to Sean's house they find Moira Kelly there. Sean tells Marcy that they are separated but Marcy takes off. Later Sean tries to convince Moira to divorce him, but Marcy thinks he is romancing her.

When some relatives are "found" the Senator comes over to see them but they are not the kind of relatives he would like. The Senator fires Marcy but then takes her back.

Not too funny, not too romantic, not too good, but not bad either. A decent little predictable comedy.