The Snapper (1993)

Imdb Ranking 7.1

Set in Dublin, Sharon Curley is a 20 year old living with her parents and six brothers and sisters. One day she comes down stairs and tells her mom and dad she is pregnant, but she refuses to name the father. She keeps going out with her friends, but she starts reading up on having a baby (a snapper).

The parents are very understanding and support Sharon. Not much of a role model, Sharon keeps on going out drinking with her friends, and one night tells them she is pregnant, but she won't tell them either who the father is either. Soon the whole town is talking.

Brother Craig comes home from serving in the army and things get even more crowded. When her father Dessie (Colm Meaney) finds out it is one of his friends. George, that is talking about Sharon being "a great little ride" Dessie goes off on him. George also happens to be the father of one of Sharon's best friends.

George writes a note to his wife telling her that he must look after this girl. The wife finds out that the girl is Sharon, and she runs and tells Sharon's mother. Now the whole town finds out, including Dessie, who is not happy. Rumors start to fly all over town. people sing songs and call Sharon a tart and a slut. Sharon then makes up a story that the father was one of the Spanish sailors that stopped in town.

Craig then throws a garbage can through George's window and gets arrested. George then tells Sharon that he loves her and wants to take care of her. He wants to bring her to London but Sharon tells him that she hates him and he isn't the father, it was a Spanish sailor.

When Dessie goes to the pub, he thinks some of the guys are laughing at him ans before you know it a fight breaks out. Dessie can't get George Burgess off his mind. Sharon decides to move out and get a flat with her friend, but her dad doesn't want her to go. Sharon decides to stay and Dad gets very supportive again, even buying a book on giving birth.

When she is ready Dad brings Sharon to the hospital. When she gives birth to a little girl the whole family celebrates and Dessie goes to a pub.

A good movie, with some really good comedic acting.