About Adam (2000)

Imdb Ranking 6.1

Adam sees Lucy (Kate Hudson) singing in a restaurant and then she becomes his waitress and they seem to like each other right away. They exchange numbers and before you know it Adam is getting to know the family. Lucy's sisters Laura and Alice, brother David and Mother all seem to get along with him really well.

One day when Lucy is on stage performing she asks Adam to marry her, an he accepts. When they are out Adam and Lucy's sister Laura start talking about literature and their conversations are almost passionate. Adam tells Laura a story about his father. but it is different from the story he told before to Lucy's mother. It seems that Adam is a great story teller.
The story then shifts and Laura talks abut Adam with her sister Alice. The baton has been handed off and Lucy is nowhere to be seen. Adam is now the lover of Laura. Then we find out in a flashback scene to when Lucy proposes to Adam, Adam was rubbing Laura's leg under the table. Adam tells Laura he had to accept because everyone in the restaurant was looking at him.

Next we see David, who is trying to watch the soccer game while women flutter around him. David is not having much luck with his girlfriend and we see Lucy asking Adam to marry him from David's point of view. David and Adam then go to a pub to watch a game and David asks Adam's advice on his love life. Adam then tells David a different story about why he has the jaguar.

Adam devises a paln. David and his girlfriend will have Adam over to dinner. At the end of the night Adam will pretend that his car isn't working, and then he will go to sleep on the couch. Karen won't want to embarrass David, so she will let him sleep with her. The plan doesn't quite work and David and Adam end up sleeping together, and David, to his horror, finds himself physically attracted to Adam. Then, while David sleeps, David ends up with the impression that Adam has seduced his girlfriend. But once Adam leaves it seems as if David's romantic troubles are over.

Next the baton is passed to the oldest sister, Alice. She doesn't get along with her husband and can barely talk to him. Adam tells Alice's husband a vey different juguar story. Then Adam starts flirting with Alice. he tells her that of the sisters she is the sexiest. Before you know Adam makes his move but Alice turns him down.

As it turns out Lucy slept with a guy named Simon, and Lucy wants to tell Adam about it. Lucy's sisters convince her not to tell Adam.

The main triumph of the movie is to present a really creepy guy but somehow keep him a likable character. The reason it works is because even though the woman all kind of knew what kind of character Adam was, they still liked him. Everyone looks at him and each one sees something different. A nice little comedy.