Haywire (2011)

Imdb Ranking 5.9

The movie opens in upstate New York where Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) meets Aaron in a diner and she talks with him about things that happened in Dublin and in Barcelona. When she won't get in the car with him he throws a coffee in her face, smashes the cup in her face and then starts beating her badly. When another customer intervenes, Mallory is able to get in to the fight, but then he shoots at her. Mallory then uses some martial arts skills to disarm him and break his arm. She then beats him badly. She then takes off in a car with the guy who tried to help her. She tells the guy that she had worked with Aaron in Barcelona. She works for a private company that the government uses.

In Washington DC, we see Kenneth (Ewan McGregor), Alex Coblenz (Michael Douglas) and Rodrigo (Antonio Banderas) talking about needing someone to get a guy in Barcelona. Next, in a flashback, we see Mallory in Barcelona where she meets Aaron. Their mission is to rescue a hostage. Mallory and her team set up a plan. Aaron thinks they could use more men but the other two team members think they are good to go. On the way out something goes wrong and shots are fired on the street. Mallory chases the shooter, catches him and then beats him, mostly with kicks to the face. They then delivered the hostage to their clients.

Mallory's next job takes her to Dublin where she meets Paul (Michael Fassbender). They check in to a hotel, Mallory puts a GPS tracker on Paul's phone without him knowing it and then go out to dinner. Mallory finds the hostage dead with a piece of her jewelry in his hand. She is being set up. When she gets back to the room Paul punches her and tries to choke her and the fight is on, breaking most of the things in their hotel room. She knocks him unconscious and then using a pillow to muffle the noise, shoots him in the head. She then uses Paul's phone to call Kenneth who asks Paul "Is the divorce final?" Mallory now knows Kenneth has betrayed her too.

Mallory decides to head home to her dad's, back in the US. She is followed on the streets of Dublin so she gets rid of Paul's phone. She then finds another tracker in her backpack. The police converge on the hotel she ran in to. Mallory goes through alleys, climbs fences and escapes.

Back to present time and Mallory is arrested by the police and is being brought to federal agents. Mallory tells the police that the people she is being brought to are not federal agents, but they won't listen. At the meeting point a car pulls up and the policemen are shot. Mallory escapes her handcuffs and fires back. She makes her escape in the police car.

Mal gets back to her father, John Kane (Bill Paxton). Then Kenneth comes and tries to convince her father of all the crimes she has committed and the people she has killed. John Kane tells Kenneth that his daughter texted her that she was going to Barcelona. Mal calls and talks to Kenneth and tells him to surrender but he refuses. The lights go out and the fight is on.

Not really much of an Irish film and not really much of a story. The movie was just made to showcase the fighting skills of the kickboxer Gina Carano. It hired some big name stars to decorate the cast and let Gina kick her way of trouble all over the globe. Similar in plot to a real good movie Three Days of the Condor. Is this movie worth seeing? Probably not. Watch Three Days of the Condor instead.