The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns (1999)

Imdb Ranking 6.6

American Jack Woods (Randy Quaid) travels to a village in Ireland for his job. He is badly in need of a vacation and he is hoping to get in a vacation while at work. He gets a beautiful house, although it is little, in Kerry. At the river Jack sees a young lady bathing and she throws rocks at him and calls him a peeping Tom.

Jack hears someone calling for help and dives in to the river and pulls a log to shore. He then seesa little man who he tracks back to his house, only to find out it is Seamus Muldoon (Colm Meaney), the Kerry leprechaun king. Since Jack saved him Seamus has to show himself to Jack. Seamus' wife Mary and his son. Mickey, both then appear. Mickey borrows some money from his dad and then heads off with the boys.

The leprechaun boys then run in to a group of faerie boys and the guys are soon at it fighting with their sticks. Seamus tells Jack that the fairies are the natural enemy of the leprechauns.

The Grand Banshee (Whoopi Goldberg) has declared that all warring by the fairies and leprechauns must end. Jack sees the girl, Kathleen, that he saw in the river and she calls to her brothers that it is the peeping Tom and they chase him down the road and in to a church.

The leprechaun boys go to a fairie Summer masked ball and Mickey and the fairie Princess Jessica, the daughter of the trooping faerie king (Roger Daltrey), hit it off. When Mickey takes off his mask the Princess is surprised because she thought all leprechauns were violent and villainous. Someone tells the fairie king that there are leprechauns at the ball, so he tells everyone to unmask. The leprechauns unmask and then flee.

There is a horse race and Jack decides he will ride a horse for Kathleen, since they won't let her race. Jack wins and he and Kathleen begin talking and romancing.

Mickey and Jessica start sparking but the fairie guards chase him away. Count Grogan chases Mickey but he will not fight him, but his friend Sean does and then an unhappy Grand Banshee shows up. Sean has been hurt pretty badly and he soon disappears. Then Mickey fights Grogan and Grogan disappears. The fairies want to go to war and so do the leprechauns.

The troops line up and then they charge and the battle is on. Jack and Kathleen get closer and closer. Seamus tries to Jack to fight for them.

Kathleen finds out that Jack has been sent to buy up homes for vacation homes for Americans. Kathleen is not happy.

Jack and Kathleen make up and head up to see the Grand Banshee so that they can stop the war. Mickey and Jessica make it in to talk to the Grand Banshee and they ask her to stop the war. The Grand Banshee tells them that people have to want to stop fighting. The battle goes on nonetheless.

Mickey and Jessica decide to try to renounce their love for each other to end the fighting, but they can't lose their love so easily. The young couple says unless the fighting stops they will end their lives.

A beautifully filmed movie with good special effects, but at almost three hours, is it is just too long. Romeo and Juliet among the leprechauns and fairies is interesting, particularly when you considers the parallels the movies has with "the troubles." But the movie was meant to be seen over the course of two night by children and that is probably what it is best for.