The Secret of the Kells (2009)

Imdb Ranking 7.5

Young Brendan lives in medieval Ireland, in Kells,and there are raids by Vikings. Brendan is put to work building a wall to protect their little outpost, instead of working on books. The monk illuminators tell Brendan about a magical book, The Book if Iona, that is being worked on by Brother Aidan, who lives in an abbey on the island of Iona. The book has been worked on for two hundred years.

One day brother Aidan came to Kells. Brendan then sneaks in to see the book, and ends up talking to Brother Aidan. Brother Aidan askd Brendan if he would like to help him. He asks him to get berries to make green ink.

Brendan goes out to the forest ans meets the fairy Aisling, a young girl. After a few adventures he heads back with his berries. His uncle, the Abbot, reprimands him for leaving the safety of the walls.

Brother Aidan tells Brendan that his eyes are going and he can no longer work on the book. He wants Brendan to begin working on it. Brendan works on the wall, but he dreams of Aisling and the forest.

Brother Aidan has lost the crystal, the Eye of Columbkille. St. Columbkille, who was a great illistrator, had a crystal drop out of his hand when he died. Without the crystal the Book will not be able to be done.

Brendan was going to go out searching in the forest for the crystal, but the Abbot locked him up. Aisling uses some magic and gets the key, and unlocks Brendan. Together they head to the cave of the dark one, Crom Cruch. Brendan finds the crystal and brings it back to Brother Aidan. Brendan looking through the crystal then begins to illustrate the book.

When the Abbot finds out Brendan is not locked up he tears up Brendan's work. The Viking are coming the next day. When the Vikings arrive the Abbot is hit with an arrow, and the people enter the tower. Brendan and Brother Aidan flee with the book, A Viking grabs Brother Aidan and then tears pages out of the book taking the bejeweled cover. Brendan and Brother Aidan gather the pages together.

The Abbot mourns for his missing nephew, and then Brendan returns. Brendan tells his uncle that he has completed the Book. It is now the Book of Kells,

A beautifully, and lovingly made movie that will prpbably appeal more to children than to adults.