The Fighting Prince of Donegal (1966)

IMDB Rating 6.3

Set in 1587, Disney takes a look at the English occupation of Ireland. The movie is loosely based on the life of "Red" Hugh McDonnell, who was an Irish hero and patriot.

In the movie, Hugh O'Donnell becomes the prince of Donegal when his father dies. There is a prophecy that the O'Donnell will unite Ireland. The O'Donnell lords want to strike at the invading English, but Hugh convinces them that they must unite with the other clans first. When Hugh tries to unite the clans he is kidnapped and imprisoned.

Hugh escapes and Captain Leeds, the representative of the Viceroy captures him again. The other clans offer a truce if McDonnell is freed, but the Captain refuses.

With the help of the other clans Hugh escapes again. Captain Leeds decides he will attack the castle at Donegal. The English take the castle, but the it unites the clans. The united clans attack the castle and breaks in.

Like most Disney movies, the dark elements in the story are softened. There is a lot of dramatic music, and a lot of running around. No blood, and very little fighting. The movie is more concerned with O'Donnell's romance with Kathleen than it was in portraying the English in a bad light.

Not a bad movie to introduce to children the history of Ireland, but not too interesting for adults.