Brooklyn (2015)

IMDB Rating 8.1

Eilis leaves her mother and her sister, Rose, in order to make a life for herself in America. She arrives in Brooklyn in 1952, and has a place and a job, because her sister had written to an Irish Brooklyn priest.

Rose is really lonely at first, but then she meets a by at a dance. Tony, is Italian, and a plumber and soon he and Eilis fall in love. Tony brings her back to meet his family.

When Rose dies suddenly in Ireland, Eilis decides she has to get back to comfort her mother. Before she leaves, she marries Tony. Back in Ireland, Eilis falls in with old friends and before you know it she has fallen for Jim Farrell.

Eilis is torn. She loves Tony and the life she was making in Brooklyn, but she also loves Jim and the Ireland she is so comfortable with. The audience, like Eilis, is torn and doesn't know what Eilis should do.

Then the evil Mrs. Kelly, in whose store she used to work, sent for her. Mrs. Kelly gleefully tells Eilis that someone had told her that she had gotten married in America,

Eilis, remembering the petty ways of some of the people in the small town, tells her mother about her marriage and then heads home to Tony.

Good acting and a nice view of Brooklyn and Ireland in 1952 in this beautifully made romance.