'71 (2014)

IMDB Rating 7.2

Gary Hook is a young English soldier who loses contact with his unit during a riot in 1971 Belfast. The soldier he is with is shot in the head and he is beaten pretty badly. A woman intervenes and Gary takes off running but is pursued by the IRA.

Unconscious, he is brought home by a man and his daughter who attend to his injuries. The man decides to treat him even after he finds out he is a soldier. They eventually call in a moderate IRA man, and Gary takes off before the man returns.

Gary is out on the streets being hunted by the IRA and by his fellow English soldiers.

We see the IRA factions fighting about how far they need to take things. Some want to blow things up, some want to kill the escaped soldier, others are more moderate.

It shows the RUC beating the Irish, and the Irish beating the English. It shows radical and moderate IRA members. It presents the Gary Hook as a nice young man just caught in something that he really has nothing to do with.Gary kills a pursuer but instantly regrets it.

Gary now has a gun but he doesn't shoot the next pursuer. He is then taken by the radical IRA men.

There are so many twists and turns, it is hard to tell which side people are on.

The movie was very even handed as it looks at the "troubles" and was very well done.