A Shine of Rainbows (2009)

Imdb Ranking 6.9

Tomas is an quiet and shy orphan and he was having too good a time at the orphanage he was in where he was picked on by the older boys. Maire O'Donnell suddenly appears and adapts him, taking him to her home on Corrie Island. They are met by Maire's fisherman husband Alec (Aidan Quinn).

Alec tries to talk to Tomas, but Tomas is very quiet and shy. Maire shows Tomas how to gather eggs and she shows Tomas what puddles are for. But Alec doesn't seem to want to take part in the fun. Alec is disappointed that Maire chose "the runt of the litter."

When Tomas sees a rainbow he is thrilled. he tries to tell Maire and Alec but he stutters very badly. Alec can't believe Maire got a boy who can't even speak. Maire shows Tomas how to call in the seals. Maire tells Alec that if he gives the seals messages they can relay them to the dead. Alec sends his gram a message saying that he like sit here.

A bother and sister, Nancy and Seamus, come over to visit and take Tomas off to explore the island. Seamus is pretty mean, but Nancy sticks up for Tomas. They bring Tomas to a cave that is filled with bats. Seamus tells Tomas that the bats are blood drinkers and will suck him dry. Tomas goes off running out of the cave but Nancy follows and comforts him.

The next day Nancy and Seamus walk Tomas to school. When he has to introduce himself, he freezes and Nancy helps him out. All the girls raise their hands to have him sit next to them. When someone from the agency comes Tomas says he wants to stay, but they need Alec to sign for him to stay.

Tomas soon becomes comfortable and even begins to call Maire Mom. He heads back to the cave and looks around at the bats. He begins to lose his stammer as he becomes more confident. Alec takes Tomas out to bring in the crab traps, and Maire heads to the mainland to buy a birthday present for Tomas.

A baby seal is washed up on shore and Alec says that he wants to feed it. Alec lets him take some of his fish and together they feed him. Maire buys a fishing pole for Tomas' birthday, and Alec tells him tomorrow they will take the boat out and try the pole. As they walk to the boat some neighbors call Tomas and ask for help. Tomas waits patiently, with the baby seal Smudge, for Alec to return. Maire comes down and heads out in the boat with Tomas. Later Maire argues with Tomas for standing Tomas up.

Seamus climbs to the top of a natural stone statue to steal an egg and the bird attacks. His friend runs away, but Tomas helps him get down. When Tomas gets home a doctor is at the house looking at Maire. Maire has to go to the hospital and Tomas goes to stay with Nancy and Seamus.

Alec and Tomas go to visit Maire in the hospital and Alec brings her a colorful tablecloth as a present. A priest talks to Tomas and then he knows she is dying. When Alec comes home later he tells Tomas that she is dead.

The lady from the adaption agency is coming and Alec still hasn't signed the paper. Tomas wants to stay, he says Alec needs him. Tomas makes Alec's favorite dinner, but Alec just heads off with his bottle. When Alec burns Maire's things, Tomas blames him for Mom's death and says he hates him.

Tomas asks Smudge to bring his Mom a message and then a beautiful rainbow appears. Tomas returns to the house and tells a drunk Alec, that Mom kept her promise. Tomas gave Alec a cloth that Maire had given him.

The next day Tomas packs hsi things and goes out in the boat to set Smudge on his way, but the boat goes out beyond the current. Alec sees him and rushes out in his boat. When Tomas boat flips over, the seals save the drowning boy. Alec finds Tomas body up on shore, and he slowly comes too.

Back at the house Tomas asks when he is leaving. Alec still hasn't signed the papers. Alec says he won;t sign them unless he has Tomas' permission. He asks if Tomas wants to go back and Tomas says no, and Alec says "Then you'll not go." Tomas then call Alec dad.

A nice little movie that was beautifully filmed.