Tara Road (2005)

Imdb Ranking 5.9

A woman from Connecticut Marilyn (Andie MacDowell) sees her son, Dale, die right before her eyes on a new motorcycle she and her husband, Greg, had just given him for his birthday. Ria, a woman from Dublin, is shocked when her husband tells her he is in love with another woman and is having a baby with her.

Marilyn tells Greg she has no feelings for him after what has happened. Ria tells her husband, Danny, that she will not leave their home, Tara Road, even though he wants out of the marriage.

Marilyn, whose husband away with work in Hawaii, calls a broker conection of Greg's in Ireland, who just happens to be Danny, and gets Ria on the phone. She tells her that she wants to exchange homes with someone near Dublin for a while. Ria tells Marilyn that she will swap with her. Danny is not happy with the exchange, but Ria says she is going. Ria's two children decide to stay with their father for a while and then come to America later.

A friend of Ria, Colm (Stephen Rea) stops by after Marilyn moved in. He tells her he owns a restaurant and works on a garden at Ria's place. Back in the States, some of Marilyn's friends drop in in to visit Ria. Marilyn starts hanging around with Colm a little bit. In America, Marilyn's brother-in-law, Andy, drops by and stays with Ria for a while.

Marilyn goes out to eat at Colm's restaurant with a friend and sees Danny and Ria's girls are there too. When one of the girls gets angry at what is going on, Marilyn gets up and leaves.

Ria takes a job as a cook at a local restaurant and goes out on a date with Andy. Back in Ireland it seems that Danny had another girlfriend, Rosemary. His business dealings start to turn bad and it looks like Danny will lose the house on Tara Road.

Danny comes over to Tara Road and comes in to the house to pick up something. He wants to borrow Ria's car but Marilyn won't let him. Ria finally finds out that Dale is dead and about the accident happened. She finds a video of the accident and watches it. Tara's kid arrive in the States. Danny stops by again for some documents.

Greg comes home and they have a party at the house. In Ireland Marilyn is finally starting to be able to talk about Dale again. Greg then heads over to Ireland and surprises Marilyn. Danny heads over to America to see Ria and the kids and they seem to reconcile. Danny then gets an email because his girlfriend is having a baby. He also tells her that they have lost the house and are broke. When he calls her sweetheart, Ria begins throwing Marilyn's vases at him : he had been warned before.

Ria returns to Ireland and Rosemary comes to meet her. Ria finally meets Marilyn. Marilyn tells Rosemary and Ria of a meeting later in the day with Danny. At the meeting the wife of Danny's boss, says she has saved enough to save the company. She is going to give the house on Tara Road to Ria and the children. Ria then finds out about Ria's and Danny's affair.

In the end the good people all seem to have landed on their feet. A nice little movie about healing, getting whole again and moving on with one's life.