Disco Pigs (2001)

Imdb Ranking 6.5

The movie begins with a birth, a baby girl Sinead (Runt). As a baby she hear a cry and it is a boy, Darren (Runt) who was born a few moments later. They live next door to each other and when they grow up they are inseparable and are best friends. They sit on a beach and daydream. They walk in to a liquor store and asks a friend for free drink, hit him when he hesitates, and then they ask for the money. They use the money they take to pay for the vodka. Pig and runt are pretty strange.

They go dancing at a disco and are a wild pair. They get in trouble in school. On the vocational survey Pig says he wants to be King and runt wants to be queen. The counselor at school wants to send Sinead away to a vocational boarding school, but she thinks Darren is a lost cause.

When Darren manhandles a girl at the disco, Sinead intervenes. When a boy kisses Sinead on the dance floor, Darren beats him up. Sinead runs away, and when Darren catches up he kisses the shocked Sinead.

Pig wants to move the relationship to the next level. Not best friends, but it is lovers he now sees them as. To Runt, Pig is her whole life, but this may not be right for Runt. When Runt takes another vocational test at school she hyper-ventilates.

Runt is sent away to the school Donnegal, and Pig soon follows behind. When a man tries to pinch a cigarette from someone Pig is sitting with, he puts a fork through his hand. Runt makes a friend at the school and is beginning to come around. When Pig's bus goes by Runts school he can sense that she is there, and she can sense that he is close.

They says happy birthday to each other, they are now seventeen. They leave the school and head back for Cork. They go in to the liquor store again and ask for "free drink. please". Pig starts smashing up the store. This time Runt is not smiling, as the counter boy hands over a bottle. When Pig hits him over the head with the bottle, Runt cringes.

They head off for a bar where Pig sings "You Really Got me Now" for Runt in the Irish ballad singing pub, and the crowd isn't happy. A local girl takes it out on Runt and beats her up. Then they head off to a club, Runt's hair still clotted with blood. When a Runt dances with a boy, Marky, Pig brutally kills Marky on the dance floor and Runt is horrified. Runt flees with Pig right behind, and they take a taxi to the beach.

They sit in front of the ocean and the love story has degenerated in to a hooror story. They make love, and the next morning Pig reaches over and grabs his shirt for Runt to smother him with. He knows they will be coming for him, and she knows it too, so she does it.

Elaine Cassidy won Best Actress in a Feature Film in the Irish Film and Television Awards and she was really good. Cillian Murphy was also really good as Pig. A very good movie that has a David Lynch kind of tone to hit. probably as many will hate it, as will love it.