I Went Down (1997)

Imdb Ranking 6.8

The movie starts with Git getting out of prison and he meets his ex-girlfriend at a bar. He then saves her new boyfriend, his best friend Anto, from getting beat up by the local bookies who he owes.

Now he is in trouble with Tom French, the local boss, for taking out the eye of one of his men. To pay off his debt he has to do a job for French. He wants him to go down and pick up a man with a friendly face and bring him to Frank Grogan. Bunny Kelly (Brendan Gleeson) also owes French and goes along on the job with Git.

As they make their way down to meet the man, they have some misadventures. When they get to where the friendly face is supposed to be, he has gone. While making further inquiries Git gets his nose broken. Now they can't find Frank Grogan.

When they finally find Frank he doesn't have the money he is supposed to have. Git and Bunny throw him in the trunk. Later Frank tells Git and Bunny that he has been with Tom French's wife. Frank and Git begin talking and begin to get to know each other and Git begins to like Frank.

Git and Bunny aren't the two most competent gangsters. One thing goes wrong after another. Frank then tells the boys that he had half of a 20 pound plate and Mr. French had the other half.  Git calls Mr. French and sees if he can bring Frank in, to make a deal.

Bunny and Git go out for a few drinks, and Bunny lets Git know what Frank has on him. Git meets a girl and brings her back to his room. We then find out that Git had taken the rap for his father, which was why he went to prison.

A good movie that is both a comedy and a drama. Might have been better if it decided to be one or the other, but it was still pretty good.