I See a Dark Stranger (1944)

IMDB Ranking 7.0

Bridie Quilty (Deborah Kerr) grows up hearing her father telling stories in the pub how he fought against the British. Although others see through her father's tall tales, Bridie is a big believer. It is now 1944, and her father has died and twenty one year old Birdie wants to join the IRA.

She travels to Dublin to meet one of her father's old war buddies, but he doesn't remember her father and advises Bridie to get on with her life. He tells her that the best way to deal with England and the partition is through constitutional means. Btidie is stunned that this national hero has abandoned the cause.

Bridie returns home and Lt. David Baynes (Trevor Howard), a British intelligence officer, arrives in town. Soon Bridie is courting David trying to get information. Bridie starts getting information and giving it to a Nazi agent. When the agent is shot, he gives Bridie an assignment as he is dying. Bridie gets rid of the body and then sets out on her mission.

David soon begins to catch on what Bridie is up to. Bridie heads out to meet with an agent on a train and David is on her trail. Bridie picks up a book that the Nazis want to get their hands on, but Bridie now realizes that if they got this information it would cost the British and the Irish thousands of lives. Bridie now realizes she must destroy this information and she does.

Bridie admits to David what she has done. The Nazis later catch Bridie and David and they try to make them talk. The Nazi agents try to take Bridie and David out of the country. David and Bridie escape and head to Northern Ireland and Bridie is determined to turn herself in. But they find out the invasion has already taken place so the info Bridie had is now useless. Bridie and David end up married, but Bridie walks out of the Hotel because it is "The Cromwll Arms."

A movie that tried to combine humor and drama and just didn't work that well. The topic was very interesting but the movie could have been done better.