Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx (1970)

IMDB Rating 6.8

Gene Wilder stars in this Irish movie set in Dublin as Quackser Fortune who has a job cleaning up horse dung in the streets and selling it to flower gardens. A visiting American student from Hartford, Zazel (Margot Kidder), is curious about his job and starts talking to him. Zazel, whio is studying at Trinity, tells Quackser many things about Dublin he didn't know. She agrees to go with him for a drink and the romance begins.

Quackser and Zazel begin dating, but when he does to a dance at Trinity College he is out of place. When an edict banning horse-drawn wagons from Dublin streets Quackser has to decide what to do. His father brings him to the foundry but Quackser decides he can't do that. He was going to go to the bronx to where his cousin John is, but his cousin has died.

Just when things look really bad for Quackser he gets some money from his cousin John's estate and he buys a truck and begins Fortune's Tour of Dublin.

A funny, quirky romantic comedy with great scenes of Dublin and Trinity College,