Oh, Mr. Porter (1937)

IMDB Rating 7.7

An incompetent railroad worker, William Porter, gets a better job with the help of a relative who doesn't want him to come to live with him. He is made stationmaster the sleepy Irish station of Buggleskelly.

William finds out on the way there that the station he is going to is haunted.

The station is in bad shape and is being watched by Albert and Harbottle, who don't seem to do much. Once at the station William runs in to a lot of trouble. When a train comes by he flags it down to get it to stop and they are not happy.

William begins to try to drum up business and he is soon arguing with people at the station.

William rents a special express train and a man buys all the tickets. It turns out that he is a gun runner for the IRA.

William eventually gets fired, and tells his boss that he has been fired  from better station than this.

William and his pals, Albert and Harbottle, are soon stuck on the arms of a windmill.

William Porter was a really good character, and both his buddies are good characters too. A nice little movie.