Calvary (2014)

IMDB Rating 7.5

Father James,played by Brendan Gleeson,, hears a confession from a man who says that he was abused as a young boy for years by a priest. That priest is now dead but the man says he is going to kill Father James, because killing a good priest would really make news.

Father James knows who the man is, and reports the threat to his bishop, although he doesn't reveal the man's name. The bishop tells him that maybe he should go to the police.

Father James was married and had a child before he became a priest. His daughter, Fiona, is a troubled young lady who has tried to kill herself. Father James and his daughter are both scarred by the death of his wife and her mother.

Father James has his hands full. Some of his parishioners are crazy and they seem to want to drive him crazy. Then someone burns the church down. Everyone in the village seems to be evil.

Father James finds his dog dead and things begin to wear on him so he takes a few drinks even though he has a drinking problem,. When the bartender gives him a hard time Father shoots up the bar. The bartender then beats him with a bat.

A good movie that is really about the the people who were damaged by priests in the Catholic Church. Does a good job of showing the pain and alienation of so many who have lost faith because of it.